File Upload

Artwork Specifications

While it is possible for us to print from flattened art files such as JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif) and Bitmaps (.bmp) we prefer to receive the artwork in the format that it was originally developed. Files created properly as Illustrator (.ai), Post Script (.eps), CorelDraw (.cdr) or Publisher (.pub) native art files gives us the greatest opportunity to print your design the way you intended it to be. For instance if you created your artwork in Adobe Illustrator then send us the original .ai file instead of a converted .pdf or .eps file.

Optimal artwork formats

NOTE: Be sure to include the Font files as well as any Photos and/or Logos that coincide with your artwork.

Adobe Illustrator

Post Script

Corel Draw

Microsoft Publisher

Other acceptable formats (May not yield as good results):

NOTE: Use any of the following formats to submit your artwork if the above formats are not available.







Don't forget the fonts

When submitting your artwork you must either convert all text to curves or supply us with all fonts used. Fonts must be submitted in MAC format (both screen and printer fonts). You will also need to include any links, imports or embedded graphics.

Check the resolution

While it is possible for us to print full size files at 72 dpi your images will be significantly cleaner and more vibrant if 300dpi or higher resolutions are used. As outlined above optimal results are achieved when the artwork is created at full size and we are supplied with those native art files.

File Upload Form

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