Are you looking to create a local buzz around your New Mexico business? Our auto markings, vehicles vinyl wraps, and car wraps in Albuquerque and New Mexico are one of the best ways to get your message and brand in front of potential customers on a daily basis. Whether you choose auto magnets, decals, lettering, or wraps, auto markings have the potential to reach more people than most forms of advertising.

If you’re at a client’s house performing a service call, everyone in the neighborhood will see your message. If you’re at a trade show, people walking past your vehicle in the parking lot will see your name. And of course, as you’re driving through town every day making calls or deliveries, you’ll always be getting new eyes on your business with a car wrap from our Albuquerque area custom decal experts.

Auto Advertising Benefits

Cost-Effective – Vehicle ads are incredibly cost-effective. They start as low as $12.95 and get new eyes on your message every time you drive.
EfficientYou probably have to drive every day no matter what, so why not do a little advertising during your commute, deliveries, or service calls?
More ExposureVehicle advertising reaches a broader audience than billboards, radio, direct mail, and many other types of popular advertising. One of our Albuquerque car wrap ads has the potential to reach as many as 70,000 people in one day and 4.8 million impressions per year.
Stand OutWith auto markings, your promotional material isn’t competing with other businesses in one area like online, TV, and radio. When there’s nobody else trying to get attention – you will.
Tax DeductibleAny expense you put toward your vehicle for advertising with one of our Albuquerque car decals can be written off.
Full Color Vibrant/High Quality Colors digitally printed for your text, logos and photographs.

Ready to Get Noticed with Auto Markings?
Next time you’re driving through downtown Albuquerque or making a service call in Farmington, make sure to leave an impression. Auto magnets are a great choice if you’re looking for something you can take off your vehicle when you’re not in advertising mode. If you have a company vehicle and want to take advantage of every opportunity, an auto wrap or auto lettering are customer favorites.

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