How do you choose the right sign holder for your New Mexico business? The styles and types of sign holders surprise people when they first start researching all the options. Most people focus on the sign, but don’t think about how it will look when displayed in different styles of sign holders. The good news is you can find the perfect sign holder for your sign with a little consideration.

Sign Holder Considerations

Size – Your first consideration is size. What is the size of your sign? Once you know your sign’s size, you can eliminate a lot of sign holders that aren’t going to work.
Construction – Is your sign in a high traffic area where it can get bumped into? Will it be placed outdoors and need to hold up to wind, rain, and other elements. Knowing where your sign will be displayed will guide you to choosing a sign holder that is strong enough to hold up to the conditions.
Versatility – Does your sign holder need to be able to swap out multiple signs easily? Sign holders with a simple top, side, or bottom-loading design make switching out your signage easy.
Purpose – What is the purpose of your sign? If your sign needs to be seen by people coming from both directions, that will dictate the type of sign holder you need. If it is only displayed in a window and seen one-way, you need a sign holder designed for that type of display.

Ready to Make Your Sign Stand Out? 
The right sign holder will complement your sign and make it stand out. Whether you’re an Albuquerque real estate agent or own a retail storefront in downtown Santa Fe, choosing the right sign holder for signage can make all the difference. Our signs are robotically welded for precision & consistency and powder coated for years of rust prevention.

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